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July 14, 2012
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Sixfold League - Takhi by onemegawatt Sixfold League - Takhi by onemegawatt

Name: Takhi (Most people pronounce it as Tah-ki )
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Height: 5'1
Personality: Curious about his surroundings and is easily fascinated by almost anything outside of his swamp, especially big cities. Quite simple minded and a bit dense but at the same time very conscious about his actions, always gives a thought or two before he decides something (or at least he tries to). Although he's not mature and experienced enough to make the right decisions most of the time...

Brief History: Takhi has been living with grandpa Banka in the swamp for as long as he could remember. His parents have been told to have unfortunately passed away due to illness when he was still very young and grandpa Banka has been taking care of him ever since.
Takhi loves his grandpa, he's one of the two most important people in the whole world to Takhi. The other person would be Ingna, Takhi's best friend.
(Here's a rough ref of Ingna if anyone's interested [link] .I'll put her NPC ref up later).
The two have been knowing each other since they were little toddlers. They did everything together from eating, sleeping to exploring the swamp of Moeras. Even though Ingna's parents didn't really approve of their daughter hanging out with the poor orphaned boy (Ingna's family is one of the wealthiest family in the village), the two still proved to be inseparable . One of the thing that these 2 enjoyed doing the most was watching the tournament broadcast on the TV (yeah there are totally tvs and LCDs in the swamp). Ingna really fancied the cool trainers from the tournament, she wished someday she would marry one of the league champions. This sparked an idea in Takhi's simple head so he told Ingna that one day he would become the champion and marry her. Ingna of course was still to young to know anything about marriage and thought that was the greatest idea ever. Since then Takhi has been training with his pokemon and Ingna's support on the side (bringing him almost anything edible she can get a hold of). Grandpa Banka however doesn't seem to approve of this. He has never been supportive about the idea of Takhi leaving the swamp. Although in the end the man still has to give in because he just can't keep his grandson isolated from the world forever.

* Takhi's mute. The cause of his muteness was this incident when he was 4. He was wandering into the deeper part of the swamp by himself and accidentally ate a very poisonous fruit, deadly even. Fortunately the villagers found Takhi and brought him to the hospital in time. Even though he miraculously managed to keep his life, his voice was lost. Ever since this accident Takhi has learnt to be more aware of things.
* Because of his muteness he can't really control his pokemon the normal way. He invented a method of using sound and rhythm to give out commands instead. This method involves various movement of his wooden staff. The dry fruits wrapped around the top of the staff would move and create sounds when interacting. This was very challenging at first but the boy and his teammates has somehow managed to get a hang of it.
* Outside of battles, Takhi communicates through the use of body language and writing. Although he's not really fluent with words and can only write simple phrases.
* Besides doing things with Ingna and pokemon training, Takhi also loves making masks. He's made masks based on each of his pokes and these masks are believed to help Takhi 'sync' better with them. He only wears them while training or during very serious situations though.
* Despite his muteness Takhi is not at all shy and will not be afraid to speak- uhm express his thoughts.


Name: Barafu (Bafu for short)
Species: Snorunt
Gender: Male
Nature: Timid
Characteristic: Somewhat Vain
Ability: Ice Body
Ice Fang
Misc: The first pokemon that Takhi caught by himself. Bafu is really shy and is afraid of everything. He adores his trainer though and always seeks for his protection. Takhi's been trying to toughen Bafu up for battling but so far not very successful at it.

Name: Popohau (Popo)
Species: Glaceon
Gender: Male
Nature: Brave
Characteristic: Thoroughly Cunning
Ability: Snow Cloak
Aqua Tail
Shadow Ball
Misc: Takhi's first pokemon, given to him by the village chief. Popo is quite strong and he obviously knows it. Reliable in most situations but can be cocky and reckless at times (read: all the times). Takhi mostly uses him in battles.

Name: Kahuna
Species: Butterfree
Gender: Female
Nature: Careful
Characteristic: Often lost in thoughts
Ability: Compoundeyes
Bug Buzz
Sleep powder
Misc: Another gift pokemon. Kahuna originally belonged to grandpa Banka and was given to Takhi to look over him after the deadly fruit incident where he lost his voice. Kahuna is caring but can be very overprotective. Although often caught wandering in her thoughts, she makes sure that Takhi would always stay in her sight. A very peaceful pokemon but would become quite vicious if anyone puts Takhi in danger.

ANDDD DONE. I apologize if the writing is confusing i'm not very good at it, even worse when done in English orz. Anyhow yes I'm joining this exciting new group. As you may have noticed I have decided to drop out of End Run. I know I really should stop joining OCTS and drop out right at the start but I've come to realized that End Run wasn't really the right thing for me. Actually I already knew that when I decided to join but I wanted to challenge myself with more serious matters like war and people dying. Unfortunately it's become too overwhelming for me to keep up. It's become frustrating rather than enjoyable so I thought I should quit when i'm not too far in the game. End Run is an amazing group but it's juts not up my alley. Sixfold seems more like my cup of tea so hopefully I can have more fun with it. ( I've already planned out a bunch of characters for it haha).

Also about my Johto project, I'm still doing it but kinda stuck at Feraligatr. I just can't decide on what to draw for it adfdds.

But don't worry It'll be up and ready soon so stay tune !
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Your art style is amazing 8'I I faved this a for a while, and I totally forgot to comment because I was blops busy 8'I

Anywho.. Takhi looks really amazing. The clothes, the colors..pfft everything. Too bad about his voice, but, hey, I love how that didn't hinder him to train his Pokemon.

The way you drew Bafu is so adorable TuT
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HOW DID I MISS THIS APP?! I love this guy! His design is so unique and awesome! Hope to meet him in the Tournament!
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WOW! I love your coloring a lot. <3 Great team you have for this trainer. Your pokemon look amazing. And you made a very feminine pokemon like Glaceon look male. That takes skill! Great app :heart:
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Again Wow!
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Ahh thank you for taking interest in him! For tumblr I think when I finish my other NPC character's app I would make one for the two of them!
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Okay cool, if you don't mind me asking which of the regions will you NPC live in
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